Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Location of India-Based Contractors on oDesk

My favorite R package, ggplot2, recently introduced enhanced support for choropleth maps. I'd like to make some of these kinds of maps with oDesk data, but as a first step, I thought I'd just plot the locations of all of our India-based contractors by city. In the plot below, dots size as log-scaled by # of contractors reporting that city. The massive light blue dot near Delhi is default coordinate when we're missing the city.

For those of you who know India, anything surprising/interesting here?

Here's the associated R code to make this figure:


  1. Can't tell if it's the visualization or the data, but the map makes the network seem quite evenly distributed across India. What does the visualization algorithm do when two cities are very close such that their circles overlap significantly?

  2. Right now, it just over-plots them (i.e. the points will be on top of each other, though both will be centered at the right point). I think the network is very spread out (surprisingly so, IMHO).

  3. really surprising findings !
    I always thought only south India and other Metro cities in India has freelance developers.

  4. nice work John Horton ! please publish a 1080px HD size map if possible. :)